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TFC Research and Innovation Limited is an engaged scientific research company and work across four pillars, conceptual architecture, project management, standardisation and outreach. We operate in a manner to support our partners and customers to advance their research and innovation for the optimization of their products, services and processes and to help with the business, academia and market acceptance. TFC works across multiple domains, including eHealth, Security and Energy.


Engaged Scientific Research

TFC (@TFCRIL) leverages its diverse skill set, including proposal and report writing, conceptual architecture, project management, standardization, better practices, dissemination, communication as well as commercial exploitation of key research projects. As a result, our work enables much research to be realised that contributes to the understanding of our changing world in a social and technological context, helping with its’ evolution and scientific advancements.

Conceptual Architecture

TFC (@TFCRIL) utilizes conceptualism, characterized by the introduction of lateral thinking and the introduction of fresh ideas to expand an initial or drafted concept from the outside. We apply this approach through the many facets of business and research, often evident at proposal writing stages as well as at design and project advancement stages right through to outreach.

Better Practices and Standardization

Thanks to our Research and Development team activities, TFC (@TFCRIL) applies much lateral thinking to advance the growth of better practice concepts to meet stakeholder community needs and to further advance our engagement in European and International standardization activities. Our team, are involved in many European projects working to advance the development of Better Practices and Standardization activities. We are involved in Standardization committees at national, European and International levels.

Communications and GoToMarket

TFC (@TFCRIL) lead and support project out reach activities including communications, dissemination and GoToMarket efforts. Each project is poised with different challenges and requires fresh think - tank capacity coupled with a set of business and marketing skills to bring good project results to the target audiences. TFC delivers on this service. We are flexible for the level of the required effort for our engagements, often partnering with the management teams in dissemination and marketing leadership capacity. We develop and refine both the Communications and GoToMarket strategies. We also deliver dissemination and exploitation plans as well as social media activities and direct engagement with the targeted markets and influencers. TFC is also involved in undertakings such as establishment of Meeting - of - Mind conferences, workshop developments and event organisation. We aim to make a difference.

Project Management

TFC (@TFCRIL) conduct project management activities across research and innovation projects in the capacity as the leader of the project or to performing key associated tasks such as risk and quality management in support. Project management is the process of leading the work of a team to achieve its goals and to achieve success criteria in a specified timeframe. In this capacity, TFC is also actively involved with Project Coordinators in a supporting manner helping them to overcome constraints and issues that inevitably emerge during the course of a project.


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