SPEEDIER - SME Programme for Energy Efficiency through Delivery and Implementation of Energy Audits

SPEEDIER is a European project funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, Grant number 847034. The central output is an innovative SPEEDIER Service provision would be of particular interest to Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Energy Efficiency Experts. The project is led by Tyndall - International Energy Research Centre (IERC), Ireland. TFC Research and Innovation limited brings much lateral thinking to the project and works across each work package across many related projects, leading in risk management and better practice guide development.

SPEEDIER is aimed at addressing the knowledge and resourcing barriers that prevent SMEs from undertaking an energy audit and implementing the recommended energy-saving measures. SPEEDIER is a highly innovative one-stop-shop solution that outsources the time consuming and technical energy management tasks to a SPEEDIER Expert who guides the SME through the process.

SPEEDIER delivers an integrated approach to energy management for SMEs, providing information, advice, capacity building, energy assessment, financing as well as the implementation of energy efficiency solutions and for monitoring of implementation impacts. SPEEDIER, delivers the Service that is self-financing for outsourced energy management with several benefits for the SMEs.

The SPEEDIER Service enables energy, cost and carbon savings associated with the implementation of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to be more readily realised. The composition of the SPEEDIER Service includes the development of a smart device app and a software audit tool for use by the Energy Experts during an energy assessment process at an SME client. The software tool provides a clear framework to assist Energy Experts to gather the data required to conduct a robust energy assessment and to enable them to present to their SME client a range of possible ECMs, classified into no-cost, low-cost, medium-cost and high-cost categories. The information gathered and entered into the SPEEDIER audit software tool supports the Energy Expert to identify the package of ECMs that are most appropriate for them, to calculate the likely energy and cost savings as well as to measure the actual savings post-ECM implementation against the baseline. A ring-fencing of the subsequent cost savings, delivered as part of the SPEEDIER Service, will enable the SME to invest in further energy conservation measures. The App is also highly innovative to support energy efficiency cultural changes in SMEs and involves gamification. TFC Research and Innovation Limited (@TFCRIL) works across each work package and bringing much fresh thinking to the project. TFC leads one of the nine work packages, driving risk management and the development of the best practice guide, which centres on the design of the software tool.