STAIR4SECURITY- Standards, Innovation and Research for Security

STAIR4SECURITY is an EU-funded project. It is aimed at the creation of a collaborative platform as single-entry point of information on the operational security sector derived mainly from EU research activities allowing a better governance of standardisation needs. The undertaking is specific for the needs of Disaster Risk Resilience (DRR) and Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNe) community. The project primarily delivers a platform and a supporting eLearning tool suited for the targeted stakeholder community. The platform is kernel of the project. It contains a repository of information and outcomes from standardisation, better practices, research and innovation from operational security related projects. It builds on from a legacy of identified projects and enables stakeholders to populate the content of the platform. Policy making driven, the platform is a heavily practitioner and business-orientated focused and can enable better-informed decision-making to be more easily realized by the stakeholders. The composition of the platform will evolve through stakeholder engagement but will provide a better overview of current and new projects being at, national, European or International level. This helps to ensure better coordination between all key stakeholders, such as first responders and CBRN experts, and to provide a basis for improved responds to critical needs. The project is led by European Standardization Organisation (CEN / CENELEC), Belgium.

Community acceptance is to the forefront of the STAIR4SECURITY project. The target community faces many challenges to improve European resilience to new attacks and threats. It spans issues from increased globalisation and security threats that are growing in scale and sophistication through to a series of issues such as increased risks of incidents caused by malicious action. Conditions and the threat sophistication are constantly evolving and a multi-stakeholder crisis response is always necessary. The need to transfer research and innovation results into a standardised mechanism is of paramount importance. However, the community must trust the STAIR4SECURITY platform for it to be effective and to willingly populate the content of the platform. This is one of the main challenges faced in the project. The platform enables policymaker’s and people enforcing DRR and CBRNe preparedness and response to address their potential needs in standardisation, better practices, research and innovation to support their work and future coordination efforts.

The STAIR4SECURITY platform enables users to network and importantly to contribute to the platform resources and services. The e-Learning tool is designed to support users to maximise their usage of the platform and to strengthen their knowledge on DRR/CBRN standardisation and better practices.

TFC Research and Innovation Limited operates in STAIR4SECURITY to provide much lateral thinking and guidance on the work being undertaken on the development of the platform and eLearning tool. The company also leads the dissemination and communication work package and is heavily engaged across multiple related EU-projects and the European Commission in the project.